A Dad sick of pink is letting his daughter dress herself, to incredible effect

Simon Ragoonanan is a stay-at-home Dad who started his own blog, Man Vs Pink, in part as a protest against the tide of gendered marketing aimed at his daughter.

His child, who Simon has asked us not to name, is now three, and he and his wife have begun to let her dress herself – to incredible effect.

While she often wants to wear clothes with female superheroes on them, including Princess Leia and Wonder Woman, Simon has found there is “nothing for children with any on either".

In her first three years, my wife and I have tried our best to present to our daughter a broad idea of what it is to be a girl. Now we need to let her discover who she is herself. Choosing what she wears every morning is just a small part of that.

Speaking to i100.co.uk, Simon said he believes the next big area to tackle is clothing for girls.

“Consumers have no need to be told that a pink dress is for a girl any more than a dinosaur shirt is for a boy - they can make their own mind up, and ultimately so can our children. My daughter doesn't see Star Wars or Spider-Man as something just for boys. I hope she never will,” he said.

And for the Dads-to-be who want to join the fight against pink, Simon has this message:

I know how easy it is to make assumptions about what little girls like and don't like. You may assume that girls naturally like pink stuff. Well, girls are not genetically predisposed to pink, princesses, frills, sparkles, glitter, and flowers. Many girls like this stuff and many don't - but ALL are marketed to from a very young age that this is only one way to be a girl, and THAT is why this stuff is so popular amongst little girls. Don't let the marketeers define what a girl is - help your girl to define herself.

For more see Man Vs Pink. All pictures copyright Simon Ragoonanan.

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