Creepy abandoned house found filled with children's toys and Barbies

Creepy abandoned house found filled with children's toys and Barbies
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An abandoned home that looks completely normal on the outside has been discovered filled to the brim with children's toys. Barbie dolls and retro toy figurines fill most rooms of the house, with most of them still in pristine condition.

The property was visited by professional urban explorer Dave, better known as Freaktography, who shared his findings online with shocked viewers.

"Not looking like much from the outside it was quite clear that this home had been vacated or abandoned not long ago," Dave told Need to Know. "We almost passed it up as it seemed to be too new for our liking, however after finding an obvious way inside we stepped in just to see if there was anything worth shooting.

"We quickly realised this was an abandoned house of toys, old retro toys from the late 70s and early 80s.

"Old lunch pails, action figures, very old Barbie dolls, books, old cameras.

"This house was a retro toy collector's dream."

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The photos showcase the wide range of toys including an old box stuffed with figurines like E.T. and a Smurf, as well as Star Wars products.

Although most of the toys are in good condition, some have been played with a little too hard – one doll no longer has eyes and the face appears to be scuffed.

There are also three life-sized baby dolls, a Fisherprice Movie Viewer and a Wendy Walker doll. It is not clear how long the house has been abandoned and who lived there.

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Social media users have been left feeling nostalgic by the findings.

One person wrote: "All this stuff, it looks like my childhood, right down to the Fisherprice Movie Viewer.

"It was one of my favourite toys growing up, you can’t find one any more, for anything!

"It makes me feel slightly sad for whoever the kid was that owned this stuff, I know that that kid would be my age now, but I still feel sorry for them."

Cathi wrote: "Looking at this house of toys one doll stands out – it was a Wendy Walker doll.

"I got it when I was about 5 and she was very special to me even though I was a tomboy.

"The other toys date from the 70s and very early 80s." Elisa added: "Someone needs to find that owner so those toys can be saved. “Lucky Green, The large doll in the middle of the three dolls is a rare doll from Canada."

Jam Press

Lindsey said: "How does one know it is abandoned? Only in this house for instance that it looks like it still belongs to someone.

"It seems to have been to some extent and the belongings are taken care of.

"I hope any relatives can be found to claim these wonderful things before someone comes in and takes them or destroys them."

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