Woman accidentally live-streamed sex with husband on Facebook – and her dad tuned in

Woman accidentally live-streamed sex with husband on Facebook – and her dad tuned in

Have you ever done something embarrassing, and had it haunt you years later? We know one person who can relate…

An American woman lived perhaps everybody’s worst nightmare when she accidentally broadcast her and her husband having sex – on Facebook Live.

Perhaps worst of all, the clip didn’t go unnoticed and was viewed by 46 people. To add insult to injury, one of those 46 was her own father.


In a TikTok uploaded four days ago, @rroberson16 filmed herself looking glum as the viral “I remember when I lost my mind” audio played over the clip.

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She wrote: “Randomly remembering that one time last year when I accidentally went live on Facebook while I was in pound town and 46 people saw it including my own father.

“I cried for a week straight.”

She captioned the video: “I thought my life was over. My husband still thinks it’s hilarious.”

In the comment section she clarified how the blunder happened. She said: “He sneaked up on me while I was on Facebook. I just [set] my phone down without locking it and managed to somehow click the button to go live.”

Her dad tuned in, but when he realised what was going on he quickly clicked off the video and “acted like it never happened”.

She added: “But he has made a joke about it one time since”.

Thankfully “you couldn’t really see anything”, but mortifyingly, “there was sound”.

An eagle-eyed friend spotted the broadcast and did all she could to interrupt the stream. Responding to a comment about whether or not someone tried to call her, she said: “My best friend did! She kept calling so it would say ‘broadcast interrupted’”.

One comment read “Bruhhhh” with laughing emojis, to which the TikToker replied: “Your wife saved me!”.

Another wrote: “New fear unlocked”.

British viewers were baffled by the use of the term “pound town”, with one writing: “I first read that as Poundland as in the pound store shop and I was like I mean it’s not that embarrassing of a shop to be in.”

“I would simply delete all social media, change my name, and move away,” another wrote.

Others shared their own horror stories.

One person wrote about how they spotted a, er, side to their friend they could’ve lived without seeing. They wrote: “That happened to one of my Facebook friends. He meant to private share a picture of him spreading his bhole. It was on his feed.”

Another wrote: “One of my best friends went live on accident and she was going down on her husband. We haven’t spoke about it and I have left it at that.” Replying, another user said: “You’re a true friend”.

Although we’re sure it was a mortifying experience, at least things couldn’t have gotten worse so it’s only up from here.

We often hear we shouldn’t have our phones in bed as it can mess with our sleep, and now in the era of social media it seems accidentally “oversharing” is another reason…

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