The 6 things you should never do before going to bed

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These are indy100's top tips for making sure you sleep.

Trust us, we're journalists.

It goes without saying don't drink caffeine just before bed, even if you claim it doesn't effect you.

It does, and you're a liar.

1. Bring technology into your bedroom

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Specifically screens. The layman's science is that screens keep you awake because your stupid brain thinks the light from them is daytime.

The bedroom is not for working in.

If you don't associate your bedroom with sleep and sex, experts believe you will have trouble nodding off.

Screens stop your mind release the hormone melatonin, which helps your body know it is time to sleep.

Plus the internet is a wonderful place, full of addictive things, so get rid of those screens or suddenly it will be 4am and you'll be four seasons deep into Veep.

2. Try to make yourself sleep

Laying there, working out how many hours you have left before the alarm, watching those hours trickle away, and almost crying with frustration.

It's happened to most of us, and one of the dumbest things you can do it try to force yourself to sleep.

Concentrating on sleep will wake you up even more, and sleep expert Raj Dasgupta advises you try another, restful activity:

If you can't sleep, good sleep hygiene suggests that you get up, get out of bed, and do something else, something relaxing, like going and reading a book.

3. Booze it up

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While films often show a drunk person passing out into a deep, unshakeable slumber, drinking before bed will interrupt sleep.

You may pass out, but you won't stay that way for long.

As well as needing to go to the bathroom, alcohol will harm your REM sleep, which aids memory, concentration, and learning.

4. Exercise

That's correct. Don't exercise just before bed.

Exercise is so good that it wakes up, and prepares your body for the day, and raises your body temperature.

It doesn't set you up for sleep.

5. Crank the heat up

Especially in winter, the temptation is to turn your bedroom into a small tropic wonderland.


Studies have shown that humans sleep better in cooler rooms.

6. Invite your best buddy in

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Cuddling a pet in bed is extremely nice, but letting them stay there can seriously disrupt your sleep.

Pets in bed can also add to stuffiness and allergies, further preventing sleep.

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