Adele’s reaction to the NBA finals has become an instant meme

Adele is sat wearing a black and light orange jacket, waving an orange towel in the air with her right hand. She’s watching a basketball game.
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One of the many things we love about Adele is just how relatable she is (if not through her songs and what she gets up to in her spare time), and snaps of her reacting to the NBA finals match between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns showed her being just that.

As the Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo went for a slam dunk following an alley-oop pass, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer could be seen shouting at the players courtside, in a photo that has since received the meme treatment online.

It wouldn’t be the first time Adele has revealed her passion for sports, as she posted a clip to Instagram earlier this month of her celebrating Harry Kane’s goal in England’s semi-final match against Denmark in the Euros.

“It’s bloody coming home,” the caption read.

This time, however, with Adele captured open-mouthed as she watched the basketball, Twitter fans all had the same response:

Others questioned who she was supporting, as she was shouting at the Bucks player, but holding an orange Phoenix Suns towel (Incidentally, The Bucks narrowly won the match 123 to 119):

Then there were the jokes that such an intense game might inspire the singer to produce some new music, with fans still waiting for the artist to release her first single in almost five years:

Adele, it’s “All I Ask”…

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