The Queen projected onto Stonehenge for Platinum Jubilee

Maybe Sarah Ferguson isn’t the only Fergie in the Royal Family after all…

The Great British public are pressing on with Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week, and one Reddit user has unveiled one incredible way he’s been marking the occasion.

To mark the Queen being on the throne for 70 years this weekend, one man went about creating a truly unique tribute by editing former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s face onto a portrait to decorate his office.

Amazingly, no-one even noticed.

“My office wants us to decorate our desks for the jubilee,” Reddit user u/Sankey2007 wrote.

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“I’ve been putting up photos of the queen face swapped with Sir Alex Ferguson. Nobody’s noticed yet.”

He’s done a pretty great job merging the two figures, it has to be said, and it’s sparked a big reaction from fellow Reddit users.

“Imagine how much extra time we’d get if AF was Queen….” one joked.

“This is great art, for me. It’ll so mess with people's heads. Cognitive dissonance, here we come. Just brilliant,” another said.

One more joked: “To be fair, I've never seen the 2 of them in the same room together.....”

Others, though, were more critical of the employers for instructing them to decorate their desk.

“Decorate your desks for the jubilee? Are you in f****** primary school? How about you just say 'no, i don't think I'll be doing that'?” one said.

“If my boss told me we had to decorate our desks for the Jubilee I'd be tempted to find another job,” another commentator added.

It's one of the strangest tributes yetGetty images

It’s not the only strange way that people have been celebrating the jubilee – far from it, in fact.

The famous heritage site Stonehenge unveiled one of the strangest tributes recently, with images of the Queen being beamed onto the historical site.

Announcing the news on the Wiltshire site’s Twitter profile on Monday, English Heritage shared an image of the display and wrote: “Our spellbinding homage to Her Majesty The Queen! We’ve projected eight portraits of Queen Elizabeth II onto Stonehenge in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.”

There have also been a load of weird and wonderful Jubilee products unveiled over recent days, ranging from specially themed ‘Lamqueeni’ Lambrini to a divisive M&S ham and egg sandwich.

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