'Alien' seen walking around on New York subway in creepy viral footage

'Alien' seen walking around on New York subway in creepy viral footage
Alien sighting in NYC today the alien makes an appearance on the New York subway#julesmovie #jules

Footage of an “alien” walking around New York City and even riding the subway has gone viral, but there’s actually a reasonable explanation.

Over recent years, the existence of aliens has become a legitimate topic of conversation, particularly after a UFO whistleblower claimed institutions are covering up key proof.

But, an alien walking around the middle of one of the busiest cities on Earth probably isn’t the “proof” most people were expecting to see.

Clips of an alien in NYC have been going viral across social media with people spotting it in multiple locations, using only hand gestures to interact with the public.

The “alien” was a blue-green colour with a large bald head, misshapen ears and black eyes, resembling the classic look of what people picture when they think of an alien.

It wore a baggy t-shirt that had a picture of planet Earth on it, along with the words, “Love your mother”.

Some hilarious theories began flying around, with some suggesting that the alien’s presence was intentional to prepare society for what is to come.

On TikTok, one person wrote: “They are preparing us for reality.”

Another urged: “Stay awake.”

But, the actual explanation was much more simple as it was revealed the alien wandering NYC was part of a promotion for the new movie Jules, released on 11 August.

The sci-fi comedy film follows 79-year-old Milton Robinson and how his life is changed when a UFO crash lands in his garden in rural Pennsylvania.

Jules Trailer #1 (2023)

While the film’s production team hasn’t officially confirmed it was a stunt to promote the movie, it looks identical to the alien, Jules, in the film, so people seem to think it’s a pretty safe assumption.

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