Amazon are giving proceeds of German far-right group Pegida's rubbish Christmas single to a refugee charity

The German anti-immigration far right group Pegida dropped its musical debut just before Christmas.

The track, called Gemeinsam Sind Wir Stark! (Together we are strong!), is a fund-raising anthem.

The good news is: it's terrible. Laughably terrible. It sounds like the Pope's prog-rock album covered by a choir of bees.

The bad news is: it's doing well in the charts, and is number two on German Amazon at the time of writing.

But wait, there's more good news: Amazon are so unhappy about how well the single's doing, they've slapped a label on it warning that all of the company's profits from the sale of the song will be going to a charity that helps refugees:

The song's dubious moral and aesthetic value has also not escaped the attention of online shoppers.

Around 800 reviews on Amazon have mocked the song because it features humming rather than, y'know, actual words. Some of the choicest translated comments include:

Brilliant, just in time for Christmas, here are all Pegida’s arguments in musical form, collected in a single, glorious anthem that should silence the fiercest critics: 'Mmmmm mmmmmmmhhh, mmmmmm mmmmmhhhhh!'

Wow, stunning, momentous. Especially the text, 'Lala Lalalala Lala': genuine poetry.

Unfortunately, the product does not work. I have repeatedly listened to the song with friends, but we are neither stronger nor more German

Listen to a promo, if you dare, below:

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