An Amazon delivery driver has been praised for his quick thinking during an interaction with a husband who wasn’t supposed to see a special package.

In footage captured by a doorbell cam and posted on TikTok by @stephanielerin, the delivery driver approaches the house.

She wrote “He understood the assignment” as the clip rolled and showed a doormat on the floor that read, “Hide packages from husband”.

The delivery driver had rung the doorbell but then noticed the sign, so he hid the package behind a large plant pot and completed the delivery on his device.


Amazon has my back #greenscreenvideo

As he was about to walk away, @stephanielerin’s husband opened the door and asked “Hey, how’s it going? You got a package?”

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The delivery driver thought very quickly on his feet for an excuse and nervously pretended to be a doorstep preacher to avoid any suspicion.

He responded: “No I don’t. No, I’m just, er… here to tell you about the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The video has been viewed 30.5 million times and has over 6.3 million likes on TikTok.

The delivery driver has been widely praised for his efforts to keep the package delivery under wraps, with some saying it was “hysterical” to watch.

One person wrote: “I need that guy to deliver to my house.”

Another commented: “This man deserves a raise.”

Someone else noted: “He was so nervous.”

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