An Amazon delivery driver went viral after following a specific delivery instruction perfectly.

TikToker Cherry uploaded a clip from her doorbell camera showing a delivery driver walking up her driveway with a parcel, before changing tack and instead hiding the package behind a bush.

Why? Cherry’s doormat reads: “Please hide packages from husband”.

The driver initially popped the package down beside the door before spotting the doormat.

After reading the silly instruction, she picked it up and looked around for a good hiding spot before wedging it behind a hedge.


My Amazon driver understood the assignment 🤣🤣 best driver ever #amazon #amazondriver #mvp #understandtheassignment

Cherry uploaded the clip with the viral “I understood the assignment” sound last year, and it wasn’t long before the clip went viral. Since uploading the video, the delivery driver’s endeavour has received over 8 million views and 1.7m likes.

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The comments were filled with love for the driver, with one comment reading: “Give her FIVE STARS on delivery service” receiving over 50,000 likes.

Amazingly, the delivery driver herself spotted the video and wrote: “Ya’ll are so sweet thank you! Yes I’m still kinda new, I started this job at the end of June.” The TikToker replied and said: “You gave us a good laugh and you’re awesome! If you’re gonna be on my route again let me know!”

Ring’s official TikTok account replied: “She definitely understood the assignment”.

Another TikToker wrote: “I have a mat that says the same! Some drivers do an amazing job hiding them! Took me three days to find one package!”

But what was in the parcel? Nothing exciting, sadly. Replying to a comment, the uploader said it was a knee brace for her husband.

In a follow-up video, she showed viewers that she gave the delivery driver as many positive feedback badges as she could, including the Above and Beyond badge.


Reply to @comedydondy #greenscreen gave her the best rating it would let me!

Amazingly, it happened again a few days later with a different delivery driver.

The clip shows the driver stowing a package in the same hiding spot as before as the on-screen text reads: “My Amazon drivers are seriously the best y’all.”


Ok I really didn’t expect it to happen again 🤣 this one’s for the guys- he came to hide the package too! #hideandseek #amazon #amazondrivers #mvp

These are not the only delivery drivers to go viral recently for their good nature. A driver previously alerted a woman about a potentially “unsafe” problem with her new house.

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