Amazon: This wrestling match is a perfect metaphor for retail giant's dominance over the high street

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Amazon has released its latest quarterly earnings and without beating around the bush, they have earned a lot of money.

The online retailer has seen profits rise above $2 billion for the first time ever with online shopping and use of its cloud computing business both growing.

The American company reported that their net income for the three months ending June 30 was $2.53bn, or $5.07 a share.

These profits were higher than what Wall Street experts had predicted and has reportedly been helped by the acquisition of food retailer Whole Foods.

While that would all seem well and good for the people at Amazon it doesn't bode well for the high street.

Only yesterday it was reported that a fifth of retailers in the UK may have to cut jobs in the next three months in order to undergo a 'reinvention.'

Over the past year chains such as Next, New Look, Mothercare, Moss Bros, Carpetright, Maplin and Poundworld have all announced a significant downturn in profits putting thousands of jobs at risk.

If you still hold a childlike persuasion the most saddening of the stores to announce their decline was Toys R Us.

The once beloved and 'magical place' could no longer compete with the online retail world, meaning hours of staring at action figures that your parents will never buy are more or less over.

Even The Simpsons predicted it but we believe we've found a better visual representation of Amazon's dominance over the high street, in the form of professional wrestling.

Step forward Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling, who recently featured the Toys R Us giraffe mascot in a match, where it lost to none other than Amazon Prime.

That was most upsetting to watch but what else can we say?

It's 2018 and kids just aren't interested in Action Man and Polly Pocket anymore. Sad times.

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