Cancer survivor Kristi Loyall didn’t give up the fight when she lost her foot to the disease.

Picture: Kristi Loyall / Go Fund Me

Last year Kristi was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her foot, following years of pain. While she’s doing well and fighting the cancer, in April she sadly had to have her right foot amputated.

But she’s made the best of a bad situation. She asked doctors if she could keep the amputated foot, and has since had it cleaned and preserved – making a unique (if slightly grisly) souvenir.

And what do you do with the bones of your own severed foot? Give it its own Instragram account, obviously.

One Foot Wander is chronicling the ongoing adventures of her foot.

At home…

And at the beach…

On the town...

On the road...

With furry friends...

And tucked up in bed.

Kristi also has a Go Fund Me to help with her medical bills.

HT: Huffington Post

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