Andrew Tate says he hired out an entire barber shop to stop people from killing him

Andrew Tate says he hired out an entire barber shop to stop people from killing him
Andrew Tate mocks Greta Thunberg as he returns to Twitter after ban

Former professional kickboxer and controversial commentator Andrew Tate said he once hired out an entire barbershop - to prevent people from killing him.

In a recent video uploaded to Rumble, Tate got into the nitty gritty of what happened.

While sitting outside with the city of Dubai lit up behind him, Tate explained that he could “relax” because the area has been searched and there are armed guards around him that he can “trust.”

He also explained that he doesn’t like to sit in chairs in restaurants unless the chair is nestled in the back because he doesn’t want his back turned away from people.

“No matter how good you are, somebody wants you dead,” he said before he told the story of how somebody tried to “take his life.”

The controversial commentator said that he had a problem with a guy, and they were texting each other back and forth.

But then, the guy stopped messaging Tate.

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“He never sent me a threat which was quite an interesting dynamic for people to understand that when someone has true intention, they don’t threaten you,” he said.

Around four days later, Tate explained that he was walking to his car in an English car park in the night and heard footsteps running fast towards him.

Turning to see who was there with him, Tate said that the guy in question tried to stab him, and now he has a scar on his finger.

This moment was traumatic for him and made him worried about trusting others.

However, to keep his “peace of mind,” Tate shared that he pays “unlimited money,” such as hiring private security and having a bit more privacy when he goes to restaurants and barbershops.

“When I’m in London and getting a haircut, I hire out the entire barbershop. I can’t sit in that chair knowing the door is unlocked with a towel over my face, knowing someone can walk in that shop and stab me… I can’t do it,” he said.

Tate continued: “I buy the shop for an hour… close the shop for an hour, lock the door, close the shutters, cut my hair, and I leave. I have two guards outside.”

Tate has been known to share controversial and misogynistic rhetoric, which later resulted in a ban from social media platforms like Meta, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

But earlier this month, the influencer was said to be back on Twitter, reportedly being reinstated after a 5-year ban on the platform.

It remains to be seen if he will stay on Twitter for much longer as he shared a video on his page, mocking the young activist Greta Thunberg’s riveting “how dare you” speech.

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