Teacher claims 11 year old boys are telling girls they are 'fat' because of Andrew Tate

Teacher claims 11 year old boys are telling girls they are 'fat' because of Andrew Tate
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A teacher has issued a stark warning about controversial TikToker Andrew Tate and the influence his views are having on young men.

Andrew Tate has risen to notoriety recently for what people have said are misogynistic views about women and toxic beliefs about masculinity.

There is growing concern about his influence on young people, with warnings coming from teachers who say they are already seeing boys as young as 11 emulating him.

A TikTok clip that was shared on Twitter has gone viral after a teacher raised concerns and urged caregivers to “be aware of what your kids are watching”.

In the video, a woman claiming to be a 6th-grade teacher (year 7) alleged a number of her 11-year-old students said they love Andrew Tate.

She said: “We've been in school for three days now and within these three days the amount of young 11-year-old boys that have told me that they love Andrew Tate is ridiculous.

“This man is really affecting the minds of young men.”

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The teacher went on, explaining that the boys are now copying Tate’s behaviour in their attitude towards their female classmates, with one student allegedly telling a girl that she’s “fat” and “uses men to get money”.

She continued: “I had a boy today, 11, turn to a girl and tell her that she’s fat, women need to be thin, she sits at home and she eats all day and that she’s like every other girl in the world and that she uses men to get money and at least he’s a hard-working man and he works for his money.

“They’re 11. Okay. You need to be aware of what your kids are watching because this is ridiculous and it’s really affecting kids. Young kids. It’s disgusting.”

Responding to the video, someone wrote: “Holy s**t he’s creating a generation of incels.”

Another said: “The internet is going to do so much f**king damage to the next generation of kids it's actually terrifying.”

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