Andrew Tate claims he was 'playing a comedic character' after social media bans

Internet personality Andrew Tate claims men are weak if they live with ...
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Andrew Tate has spoken out after being banned from Instagram and Facebook.

The controversial internet personality has become one of the most divisive figures on social media in recent times.

He is known for his misogynistic and harmful rhetoric toward women. Numerous outlets have called him out and claimed he was proving a dangerous influence on young men and boys over recent times.

Tate was banned on the Meta-owned for violating its policies citing dangerous organisations or individuals, and now he’s issued a response.

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He claimed he was 'playing a comedic character' and that his comments were taken out of context, also claiming that he has “dedicated over 1million dollars to charities supporting women”.

Tate has released a statement to various news outlets, saying: "It is very unfortunate that old videos of me, where I was playing a comedic character, have been taken out of context and amplified to the point where people believe absolutely false narratives about me.

The controversial commentator has been banned from InstagramAndrew Tate

"In the last two weeks I dedicated over 1million dollars to charities supporting women. I posted this on Instagram, but Instagram ignored it. Internet sensationalism has purported the idea that I'm anti-women when nothing could be further from the truth.

"This is simply hate mobs who are uninterested in the facts of the matter trying to personally attack me. They twist facts and produce fancy documents full of half truths and lies to attack people they don't like."

He went on to say he will "always have millions of fans around the world" and said his platform is "a beacon of light, teaching people of all genders and races how to respect one another for years to come".

Tate went on to state that he will use his Instagram page to "prove all of the negative narratives false and show the world tolerance", adding that his fans followed in his footsteps "and the world would become a better place".

Then he stated that he had been receiving "over 10,000 death threats a day" on Instagram and said that Meta had ignored this – and added that the "most powerful thing" Instagram can do is "allow him to return".

"Somehow I am the villain, when all of my posts were bible verses and charitable donations. Banning me only inspires more internet hate mobs and more division. This will become a weapon of attack for different points of view for the forseeable future."

He finished by saying: "I am a mixed race man raised by a single mother. I suffered all of the disadvantages of the old world. I am a fantastic role model for all people, both male and female."

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