Everyone's fascinated by Andrew Tate's hair situation while he's stuck behind bars

Andrew Tate leaves Romanian court shouting 'you will find out the truth'

New photos of Andrew Tate emerged on Wednesday revealing just how much prison has dragged on Tate’s image - mainly his hair.

Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan Tate are being held in preventive custody in Romania as police investigate allegations of human trafficking and rape.

The two were initially arrested at the end of December 2022 and prison life is clearly wearing on Tate.

In the newly released photos, Tate appears to have grown out his hair revealing a patchy receding hairline, a thick mustache, and a beard.

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Tate previously gave fans a grim description of prison, saying his cell had no light in it, "cockroaches," and "bedbugs."

But even in his less-than-luxurious conditions, some were shocked to see Tate with hair, believing the former kickboxer was bald.

In a previous interview, Tate said he “was not bald” and shaved his head by choice. Although the former kickboxer had not been seen with a head of hair in years.

“I could grow my hair out no problem,” Tate said on The Ahmad Mahmood Show last year.

And the photos of Tate prove he could grow out his hair, but not to the extent some were led to believe.

Internet personality Hasan Abi tweeted, "Can't believe he had the audacity to claim he’s bald by choice" mocking Tate's thinning hair.

Other people joined in on the joke, making fun of Tate's hairline.

Tate's public appearance was for his appeal against further detention in Romania. It was denied so he must remain for another 30 days.

Shortly after, Tate launched a rant on Twitter where he compared himself to Nelson Mandela.

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