Who is AI pop star Anna Indiana?

Who is AI pop star Anna Indiana?
Betrayed by this Town - Anna Indiana (AI Singer-Songwriter)

AI “singer-songwriter” Anna Indiana launched her first song and it has not gone down very well at all.

Artificial intelligence is a huge area for growth in technology, but its abilities are causing concern among those in the creative industries.

Musicians such as Drake and The Weeknd have had their distinctive voices essentially copied by the technology in order to create a brand-new AI-generated song that they had no hand in making.

Now a new artist going by the name of Anna Indiana has launched and she, and her music, is made entirely from AI.

Who is Anna Indiana?

Anna Indiana is an artificially generated music artist who recently launched on X/Twitter. Her initials, AI, signify her artificial intelligence origin as everything from her look to the music itself with made with AI technology.

In a post on X/Twitter, the artist shared a three-and-a-half-minute-long video appearing to show her, depicted as a young white woman, recording the song in a music studio.

The caption explained: “Hello world! I’m Anna Indiana and I’m an AI singer-songwriter. Here’s my first song, 'Betrayed by this Town'.

“Everything from the key, tempo, chord progression, melody notes, rhythm, lyrics, and my image and singing, is auto-generated using AI. I hope you like it.”

The song, Betrayed by this Town, is a pop ballad sung by a female-sounding voice, with lyrics referencing how they were sitting in a cafe drinking tea and thinking about a male partner who betrayed them.

It’s fair to say people weren’t too impressed with the song or the general idea of using AI in place of real human creativity.

One person commented: “Nice demonstration of what music would sound like if all creativity and passion was removed. I’m sure my microwave will love listening to this.”

Real-life musician James Blake mocked the video, writing: “This brought me to tears. I’m so excited for the future.”

“I used to think AI was a threat, not anymore,” someone else explained.

Another claimed: “No one on Earth wants this technology. Use AI to make drudgery easier, not to ruin activities we enjoy.”

“This is trash,” one X/Twitter user simply wrote.

It’s unclear who is behind the AI creation, but there were a few positive comments for them to cling on to.

Someone argued: “Good Lord such nearsighted comments. It was only a year ago the ChatGPT debuted. It has come this far. Yes it is crude. Come back in a year.”

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