Anti-vaxxer's 'disturbing' post about dressing up as measles for Halloween resurfaces

While Halloween this year will probably be more low-key than usual, people are reminiscing about some of the worst costumes.

In a viral Reddit post, one user shared an old Facebook post from an anti-vaxxer who decided to dress up as measles for the spooky season.

The misjudged costume was accompanied with the caption:

Was trying to think of the least scary thing I could be for Halloween… so I became the measles.

Perhaps no one was more outraged than the unidentified woman’s Facebook friend who commented:

Would you like to accompany me on my rounds? You can tell our measles, encephalitis and viral sepsis patients, the ones in comas and seizures and high fevers, that their suffering isn't all that bad and is just being exaggerated by "Big Pharma" and clueless quacks who "haven’t done their research" like me.

Despite the post being over a year old, the anti-vaxx costume has resurfaced on Reddit, which led to people sharing their own stories and experiences with vaccinations, proving that measles is not a joke.

One user recalled their own horrifying experience with measles:

I have had measles. Let me tell you it’s the worst disease I’ve experienced in my life. My brother got it from me and almost died. He was hallucinating and went into a coma. It was 2 weeks of hell on earth.

Another shared their frustrations with people not taking measles seriously:

It’s disturbing how there are people who downplay measles. Measles causes your immune system to reset itself, a condition called immune amnesia. Every immunity you ever built up is gone, and your immune system is reverted back to how it was on the day you were born.

Another hit back at the anti-vaxxer and simply wrote: “I'm not scared of the measles, because I've been vaccinated.”

At least we're unlikely to see a repeat.

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