Asda shoppers divided over controversial chicken pizza – served with a side of gravy

Supermarket chain Asda has divided shoppers with a Southern Fried Chicken pizza, which comes with a side of gravy.

Posting on Facebook, an account called New Foods UK shared a photo of the pizza, triggering an outpouring of comments from people claiming they felt “physically sick”.

“Gravy on pizza is just wrong,” one wrote, while another simply wrote: “Look at this actual abomination.”

A third commented: “Looking at this makes me feel physically sick.”

“Just like the pizzas you get in Italy,” a fourth joked.

Others saw their taste buds tantalised by the image and said they were looking forward to getting a slice of the gravy soaked action.

“Whatever next?! I can’t wait to try this as soon as my oven’s fixed,” one wrote, while another added: “It’s just like having gravy on KFC, what’s not to love?”

A third said: “Yummy”.

Asda is no stranger to playing with fire with whacky pizza toppings. They once made a full English breakfast pizza and also topped another pizza with cheeseburgers - causing Italy to be grateful for Brexit, we’re sure.

They sold bunny shaped pizzas for Easter, which was less egregious, but also made a steak and ale pie pizza which sounds cursed.

Do the food buyers at Asda constantly have the munchies? Seems like it. Are the big brains at the supermarket laughing at us, creating more and more absurd meals in the knowledge that nobody will buy them but unperturbed because of the publicity each rank pizza generates? Maybe.

Either way, we will stick with more traditional pizzas. But thanks for the opportunity, Asda.

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