Woman says she made Starbucks barista remake her drink because it didn’t match a foundation shade

Woman says she made Starbucks barista remake her drink because it didn’t match a foundation shade

There are picky eaters and then there are people whose preferences and quirks are unreasonable, and many feel that this TikTok user went overboard.

TikTok user @conniecantu shared a video where she slammed a Starbucks employee for making her drink a lighter color than she wanted.

“When I ask the barista to please remake my drink because it looks about three shades lighter than NC40, and she says it was already made correctly,” the text overlay on the video reads.

Beauty lovers will recognize NC40 as a popular MAC foundation shade.

The TikToker is seen in the video holding one beverage before pulling out a second coffee that’s a notably darker shade of brown. The audio of the TikTok is a well-known sound on the platform that says, “that was embarrassing, I really hope you’re embarrassed.”

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The video has since earned 523.8K views.

As it turns out, and by the looks of the comments, the general consensus seems to be that perhaps she should be the one that’s embarrassed.

“Embarrassing? Idk mistakes happen. They will gladly fix the mistake. It’s not embarrassing. Just kinda a condescending audio,” one person wrote.

Another user took note of the reference to the foundation shade, writing, “nc40 isn't a standard measurement tbh. like who would know what that looks like?”

“Make it yourself then if u want it made the way you want,” one user slammed.

“Coming from a Starbucks barista they made your drink right but the expresso machines probably didn’t pull the shots right. Kindly let us know,” one apparent barista wrote to which the original poster responded by saying it’s a reoccurring issue, “I do let them know kindly. It’s just frustrating when they tell me I’m wrong or act like I’m being too picky. Most time they remake it no problem.”

Indy100 has contacted Starbucks for comment.

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