BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin has ‘maverick’ alternative to the red vs brown sauce sausage sandwich debate

It’s a debate as contentious as ‘sc-oh-ne’ versus ‘scone’, white and gold or black and blue, and whether Jackie Weaver had the authority, and the BBC Breakfast team – otherwise impartial – have waded into it.

Normally it’s ketchup or brown sauce, but when presenter Louise Minchin was asked the “most important question” about what she puts on her sausage sandwiches, she responded with an unexpected and “maverick” wildcard.

“Neither... marmalade,” she said.

“That’s really messed with your head, hasn’t it,” she added, laughing as co-host Dan Walker as he looked on in shock.

He replied: “What? You’re a maverick. My grandfather used to have marmalade with bacon. What, like just normal marmalade, not onion marmalade, just a normal marmalade?”

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“No, just normal marmalade,” she confirmed.

After saying that Minchin was “breaking every boundary” with the combination, Walker turned to weather presenter Carol Kirkwood for her thoughts on the idea.

Her favourite condiment with a sausage sarnie was also an unconventional choice. “I’ve never tried [marmalade with sausages], I prefer mustard.”

Clearly outnumbered on team red sausage, Walker replied: “What’s wrong with just some bog-standard ketchup?

“You come on here with your posh foodie ways, you lot.”

Some Twitter users, however, threw their support behind Minchin’s choice:

Others suggested their own bizarre food combos:

Paging Paddington Bear for comment...

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