BBC News accidentally cuts to news anchor with feet up on desk

BBC News accidentally cuts to news anchor with feet up on desk
BBC News accidentally cuts to news anchor with feet up on desk

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.

Today was one of those days for BBC News when the camera unexpectedly cut to Tim Willcox live in the studio, scrolling on his phone with his feet up.

On Twitter, a plethora of people tweeted showing the live news blunder, finding the entire situation hysterical.

"Incredible scenes: BBC News accidentally cut away to their news studio, showing a presenter with their feet on the desk," Scott Bryan tweeted along with a video.

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In the video, BBC News correspondent Ros Atkins was reporting live from Downing Street speaking about the number of Cabinet ministers who have visited No. 10. when suddenly the camera cut to the studio to show a very relaxed Willcox.

Glasses on, feet up on the desk, Willcox was clearly caught off guard and he eyed the camera up and suddenly put his phone, glasses, and feet away.

"Accidentally cutting away to Tim Willcox with his feet on the news desk checking his phone was a moment of light relief on the BBC News Channel," Terry tweeted.

"We just watched this live on BBC news. Whooped so hard that Walter the dog went into full guarding mode! Get your feet off the furniture, mate," Sarah wrote.

BBC along with other major news outlets are currently awaiting to hear more from Prime Minister Boris Johnson as more and more ministers resign from their positions citing Johnson's mishandling of several scandals.

The mass resignations began on Tuesday after Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid submitted their letters of resignation. So far nearly 30 members of Johnson's government have resigned.

It's understandable how Willcox needed a moment to relax while trying to keep up with all the resignations.

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