Hilarious video of mother bear trying to control her cubs goes viral

Hilarious video of mother bear trying to control her cubs goes viral
Twitter/Eoin Higgins

A video of a mother bear trying to transport her cubs across a busy American highway has gone viral, with parents feeling that the scene is all-too familiar.

The poor animal displays an admirable level of persistence as she attempts to shepherd her four cubs one by one.

Traffic piled up as patient cars made way for the bear to safely get her children across the road unharmed. One onlooker said it ended up taking around 20 minutes, as the rambunctious foursome were simply too interested in other things, often walking in the opposite direction.

Two of the cubs saw it as an opportunity to play together, while the most rebellious of the group takes to scaling a telephone pole.

It just goes to show that regardless of species, controlling your children can prove to be a truly impossible task.

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The video has clocked 13 million views on Twitter in less than two days and spawned several memes.

Some people regretted asking where the dad might be - male bears choose to be absent, to say the least.

Others couldn’t believe how uncanny the experience of parental turmoil can be across humans and animals.

Imagine explaining to your boss how you ended up being this late to work.

The question is – should somebody have tried to help?

We’d argue that it’s better not to, however tempting.

Here’s hoping the mother enjoyed a relaxing soak in a hot tub afterwards – like some of its fellow bears across the country.

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