Food YouTuber smashes record in Gordon Ramsay’s pizza slice challenge

Food YouTuber smashes record in Gordon Ramsay’s pizza slice challenge
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How many slices of pizza could you eat in two hours? Whatever number you have in your head, we guarantee it won’t be as much as food YouTuber BeardMeatsFood managed.

The competitive eater, real name Adam Moran, is a hugely popular content creator with tens of millions of views on YouTube.

Adam, who is from Castleford, Yorkshire, has travelled all over the world taking on hundreds of eating challenges and he’s rarely been beaten.

His most recent video, which has already racked up four million views in the space of just 24 hours at the time of writing, saw him take on the record at Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza.

The restaurant offers a deal that lets customers eat as much pizza as they want across two hours, for the price of £17.

The staff also keeps track of the highest number of slices people have managed, and before Adam sat down to eat it was a whopping 38.

However, it wasn't long until Adam was at the top of the leaderboard.


“Buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” Adam said, before putting in an impressive performance to smash the record.

Thanks to a bit of yoga beforehand, he managed to break the highest score and eat a whopping 48 slices within two hours.

“That was hard work but we got it done, new record 48 slices,” he said. “Come down, see if you can beat it. Or actually don’t, just have one of their regular pizzas.”

Seriously impressive stuff – surely even Ramsay himself would give him that.

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