Jared Leto talks new vampire-inspired film "Morbius"
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The hotly anticipated Morbius movie hit cinemas this week – and well, people weren't impressed at all.

Produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel, Morbius is based on the popular Marvel Comics.The movie follows the story of biochemist Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, who tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease. When one of his experiments goes terribly wrong, Morbius turns into a vampire.

While very few praised the movie, others did not hold back with their savagely bad reviews. The Independent brutallyslammed the film a "shameless corporate desperation."

"It can't be described as the wild, untethered disaster that some were secretly hoping for, either, because that would imply some level of creative risk," they said. "It's more a two-hour prelude to a post-credit scene, which happens to be one of the most sloppily written teases ever committed to screen. Morbius also doesn't have an ending. It simply cuts to the credits when everyone's had enough."

The Times were just as harsh, rating Morbius one star. They called it an "appalling vampire snooze-fest" that "deserves a stake through its heart."

Meanwhile, The Guardian also gave it a single star and diminished it to a "ludicrously pointless Jekyll and Hyde vampire-monster yarn."

"It really is an amazingly pointless and dumb film," they penned.

The movie scored a mere 16 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes too, with critics far and wide offering their unfiltered opinions.

Chelsea Steiner of The Mary Sue said: "The film's plot is lackluster, and there's no humor, no charm, and no warmth to be found. It's rare to see a film so devoid of style and ambition, that slugs along like a direct-to-video Underworld sequel."

While Nate Adams of The Only Critic kept it short and sweet, saying it "sucks the fun out of everything."

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Despite racking up $5.7 million in box office previews, the roasts went beyond critics and poured out onto social media.

Here are the top 11 Morbius jokes and memes that are better than the film itself:

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