Bikini barista says customers ask her to sip their drinks for tips

Bikini barista says customers ask her to sip their drinks for tips
Starbucks barista shames customer over unbelievable £20 drink

In a viral TikTok, a barista at a bikini coffee bar revealed that some weird customers ask her to sip out of their drinks for tips.

Responding to a question from a follow that read: "Has anyone ever tipped for you to take a sip out of their drink though?” TikTok user @xomorris, shared her previous uncomfortable work experiences.

“So I know this sounds crazy, but this has definitely happened to me a handful of times,” she says at the start of the video. “They’re always like, ‘Oh, will you try my drink first?’ Or like, I’ll go to hand it to them, and they’ll go, ‘Five bucks if you try it first.’”

While the TikTok user admits that it's weird customers want her to take a sip of their drink, she does it anyway.


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The barista says she wondered if the customers thought she messed with their drinks, before realizing what they actually wanted.
“But then I’m like, oh, they want my mouth on it. It’s kind of weird. But I go, ‘Period. I love to try a new drink,” she says.

Because of the nature of their work, bikini baristas are often subjected to sexual harassment from customers.

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In the comments, people shared their tips with the barista for the future.

"Next time just remove the straw after u try the drink, throw it out, and on hand replace the straw with a new one as quick as u can!" wrote one user.

"Down the drink and make them pay the extra $5 for an empty cup," said another.

Other employees shared their own work experiences.

One comment read: "Dude someone asked me to spit in their food one time, to this day i still dont know if it was a joke or not AND THEY WERE WITH THEIR GF 😭."

"We have customer ask us to spit in their drinks!! Helll nah I ain’t trying to get fired," wrote one.

"The health inspector is going to have a field day with this video lmao," one person joked.

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