Forget the sales – the best thing about Black Friday is sitting at your computer and feeling really good about not being in the queues and crowds that fill our newsfeeds as the madness unfolds.

But when it comes to the UK and the US, we tend to do Black Friday a little bit differently.

This is what Black Friday generally looks like in the UK:

You just can’t stop a Brit from their natural habitat: queues.

Today is basically just the perfect opportunity for us to have a good old British queue.

But in the US, things aren’t quite so civilised:

Even the sight of it...

Just makes you want to form an orderly queue.

And restore a sense of sanity.

It's almost enough to put us Brits off the whole thing. But if there's one thing we love more than queuing, it's a half-price TV we don't need.

We really love them.

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