<p>The Redditor was determined to prove he was a man of his word</p>

The Redditor was determined to prove he was a man of his word


Some people will follow through with a promise to the bitter end, even when they really, really shouldn’t.

This is exemplified by one Reddit user who pledged that, if he lost a bet, he would put his own sock in a blender and drink it.

He proved he was a man of his word in a video uploaded to the social media platform.

In the clip, he revealed how he had accepted the forfeit by creating a “blended sock and banana smoothie”.

The post shows him preparing the drink by cutting up half of a white sport’s sock (presumably it was at least clean), and tossing it in a blender with some sliced fruit.

What emerged was a gloopy white concoction which, inevitably, featured chunks of material.

The Redditor even ate chunks of materialu/JustHereToPostandCom/Reddit

Refusing to back down, the Original Poster (OP) not only drank the mixture but pulled out strips of sock and ate them.

“It was terrible,” he confirmed.

His recording racked up more than 18,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments in a single day, as viewers shared concerns over the health implications of the stunt.

One wrote: "Guys... humans are not able to digest socks. If, god forbid, the sock fibres get stuck in OP’s digestive tract it could cause a serious blockage and even potentially lead to death."

In a direct plea to the sock drinker they added: "Please seek medical attention immediately, even if it’s just to call your doctor or a hotline tomorrow to let them know what you did and what signs/symptoms to look out for."

A second person commented that he would “probably will have a stomach ache,” but added: “There will only be problems if he ate too much sock and it all stuck together and became an unmovable mass.

“Blending probably mitigated this risk. If OP doesn’t have bowel movements for a few days, he will have to head to the ER."

While a third said simply: "OK let that be the last sock drank by anyone."

Amen to that.

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