Blinding lights from a building top leave Google Maps users baffled

Sinead Butler
Monday 26 April 2021 16:08

Reddit user u/xmaxer shared an image from Google Maps of an obscure random island off the coast of Ireland.

(Google Maps)

Google Maps users have been left baffled by an image which appears to show buildings emitting a dazzling light.

The photo, shared by Reddit user u/xmaxer sparked a series of wild theories, with some people viewing it as proof of the existence of “alien lazers”.

The location of the image was an island off the coast of Ireland, its uploader said.

Thir post read: “Does anyone know why this particular house is glowing?

“I was messing around, and went to an obscure random island off the coast of Ireland. I found these houses which are very brightly lit (you can see other houses in contrast are normal).

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“Anyone have any ideas what this is or why this is glowing?”

Fellow Redditors were quick to respond with their own hypotheses about the mysterious light.

“Lasers,” one person joked, “It’s space alien lasers.”

We sure hope not.

Given the location, some users responded with Irish stereotypes.

“Leprechauns,” one quipped, while a second added: “Reflections from their pot of gold.”

Others offered up more science-based theories.

One person wrote that it was the “sun’s reflection off a glass or very shiny metal surface.”

Another agreed with this saying it was “possibly from a glass structure.”

Excluding the possibility of it being caused by a solar panels, they added: “Solar panels shouldn’t shine like this. They are made to absorb the sun not reflect it.”

“I have seen this effect on glass office towers and factories with glass roof panels. It’s some kind of glass that happened to directly catch the angle of the sun,” a third added.

There we have it - mystery solved.

Though, when it comes to alien lasers, you can never say never...