‘Try to focus, you clueless bundle of horsehair’: Comedian savages Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig speech

‘Try to focus, you clueless bundle of horsehair’: Comedian savages Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig speech

A comedian has brutally savaged Boris Johnson’s disastrous CBI speech and it is pretty hilarious.

In the latest of his “room next door” videos, in which he plays an aide attempting to feed advice into a politician’s earpiece, Michael Spicer said what everyone was surely thinking as he reacted to the speech, particularly the parts in which Johnson lost his place for 25 excruciating seconds, and when he bizarrely wanged on about Peppa Pig World.

It starts off with Spicer interjecting when Johnson classically “ums” and “ahs” over certain words and phrases.

Then when the PM starts fumbling through his stacks of paper his comments get a bit more aggy.

“Why are you suddenly looking at the speech like it’s been written in hieroglyphics with a sausage?” he says.

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“Can you just put the papers down? You look like a baby trying to read a mortgage application.”

When the 25-second awkward silence begins, Spicer says: “What’s wrong? Where are you?

“Don’t just stand there like a busted football mascot filled with old straw, say something!”

Spicer also takes the mick out of how many times Johnson said “forgive me” while he was looking for the right page.

“Try to focus, you clueless bundle of horsehair,” he adds. “Your speech is just degenerating into a series of burps and burbles. You sound like a retired bishop drowning in a barrel of wine.”

And when Johnson pulls out his Peppa Pig anecdote, Spicer’s character advises him: “Don’t bring this up, please, no-one will laugh, no-one ever laughs.

“This is so awkward I can’t unbend my arms.”

Reacting to the clip, people thought it was pretty amusing, and they particularly liked Spicer’s spicy last line about the Conservative’s NHS legislation, when he asks if Peppa Pig World “is selling off the NHS too”:

Perhaps Johnson will think twice before he makes another pig’s ear of a speech again.

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