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Nobody's favourite newspaper the Daily Star has led on the 'phenomenon' of black-eyed ghost children [sic] three times this week - on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's front pages.

We'll leave the explanation of what exactly a black-eyed ghost child is to Star journalist Jimmy McCloskey, who writes:

Experts say black eyed kids are among the most terrifying figures to emerge from 'the other side'. They are said to represent the 'highest levels of pure evil'.

He also quotes "Ghoul boffin" Luke Norris, presumably one of the aforementioned experts. It is unclear if there is anything beyond strong news values behind the Daily Star's interest in the story, but a Channel 5 spokesperson assured they had not recently commissioned any new TV shows about ghosts.

Several other papers have also reported on the phenomena, including the Daily Mirror who used a photo-shopped picture of YouTube star Boxxy to represent a black eyed child.

While lore surrounding black eyed children have been around for years, the interest in it this week came after an investigation by paranormal expert Lee Brickley, who took the story to the Birmingham Mail.

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