Bride asked friend to cut hair before wedding so she doesn’t outshine her on the day

Bride asked friend to cut hair before wedding so she doesn’t outshine her on the day
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Getting invited to a friend’s wedding is usually an exciting event, but for one wedding guest, it turned into a nightmare as she was asked by the bride to cut her long hair for the event.

In a post captioned “AITA for refusing to cut my hair for friend’s wedding?” on Reddit’s r/AmItheAsshole community, she explained her predicament.

She wrote: “I have long, blonde hair in very good condition. It took me years to learn how to care for my hair so they look their best and to keep them in this condition.

“Basically - lots of time, effort and money for hair products were invested. Now my friend, who has almost identical hair colour to me, but pixie haircut and in worse condition, asked me to cut my hair before the wedding or at least dye them.”

The poster went on, explaining why the bride was making such extreme demands.

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She continued: “She says that if I stand near her on wedding photos, she will look bad in comparison, and that it should be her day. I understand that guests shouldn’t overdress and I really do love her, we had many years of close friendship, but as silly as it sounds, I also love my hair.”

The person went on to reveal that, after she told the bride she’d have to think about it, the bride reconsidered her invitation to her big day.

She wrote: “I told her I need to think about it, but she said if I even need to think, tells her how little she means to me and she needs to think again if I should be invited in this case.”

Later in the post, the original poster (OP) explained that the suggestion of having her hair up in an updo or braid also was rejected.

Many Redditors reassured her that the request to cut her hair was totally unnecessary and she was not in the wrong.

One person commented: “Very saddening that your pal thinks being a bride gives her the power to make that demand and is ready to ruin your friendship over such a small issue.

“Oh and as for the ‘shows how little I mean to you’ passive aggressive b.s. - what does her even considering asking that and making these threats say about how little YOU mean to HER ??”

Another pointed out: “Its worse than you think it is - OP is a guest, not a bridesmaid.”

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