Bride goes to her wedding on her own because her future husband was too ill to attend

Bride goes to her wedding on her own because her future husband was too ill to attend

Most newlyweds-to-be spend months – if not years – planning every intricate detail of their big day – but some things simply cannot be controlled as one couple learned.

After two rescheduled wedding dates due to Covid restrictions, one happy couple had finally secured their third and final wedding date.

However, their “third time lucky” didn’t quite go to plan.

The groom came down with a bout of food poisoning on the day of the wedding, which forced him to spend the big day in the hospital. While an absent groom would make a valid and understandable reason to postpone the day yet again, this couple were determined to tie the knot – and to not let their efforts go to waste.

Instead, the bride-to-be did something rather spectacular and spent her day with what appears to be a clothes steamer machine on wheels, dressed in a suit. Her husband’s face was placed on an iPad to act as his face.

The viral TikTok, which has since racked up nearly 1 million views, shows the bride and virtual groom celebrating their first dance together, cutting the cake and taking selfies with guests.


he had severe food poisoning & is doing better now! 😅 #weddingtiktok #manifestation #relationships #selfcare #wedding #fyp #horrorstory #weddingfail

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The groom took the viral clip saying, “GROOM HERE! HUGE thank you to the Victorian. This was our third attempt at a “Covid” wedding.”

One TikTok user joked, “In sickness and in health at its finest.”

“She’s married to his iPad now”, another humoured, while one user was in awe of the couple’s positivity: “I love how they rolled with the punches and kept the joy,” they said.

Another added: “This marriage will last cause they’ll always have something to laugh about during the bad times.”

Talk about a day to remember.

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