Burger King employee uses 'gay powers' to shut down customer harassing female colleagues

Burger King employee uses 'gay powers' to shut down customer harassing female colleagues
Behind The Scenes At Burger King

A video of a Burger King employee getting back at a creepy customer is going viral on TikTok, for all the right reasons.

After a customer at the drive-thru made a female colleague feel uncomfortable multiple times, TikToker Matthew decided to take matters into his own hands by doing the same thing to the customer.

In the on-screen caption, Matthew said "When an old man harasses your female workers use your gay power to make uncomfortable."

The Burger King employee approaches the customer at the drive-thru window and leans over to give him a pick-up line.

"You know what would look good on you? Me." Then Matthew winks at the customer and walks away giggling.

In the caption, Matthew says this customer harasses his female co-workers often and used that very pick-up line last week.

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Commenters applauded Matthew's clap-back at the creepy customer.

"[You're] a real one [for] that. Absolute legend," a TikToker commented.

"You dropped this [crown emoji] I cleaned it and polished it up for ya," another commenter said.

"My man," another commented.


Customer comes and harasses my female co workers often. This is the same pickup line he used last week. #customerservice #fastfoodlife #fastfoodworkers #customersbelike #customers

Matthew's video went viral with over 220k views and 32k likes. Many of the viewers wanted to know what the aftermath of the interaction was.

"I wanna see his reaction so badly," the top comment on the video says.

"I gotta know his reaction, did he get mad or say anything after," another commenter asked.

Matthew responded that the customer 'played along' with the interaction.

If there's one thing we've learned from Burger King employees, they are not to be messed with. Multiple videos of employees calling out rude customers or walking out due to poor working conditions have gone viral in the past.

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