Caitlin Moran suggests compulsory vasectomies and the responses prove her point

Caitlin Moran suggests compulsory vasectomies and the responses prove her point
Protests continue in downtown LA after Roe v Wade ruling

Feminist author Caitlin Moran tweeted suggested teenage boys should be required to have reversible vasectomies rather than infringe on the rights of women and girls in response to the Supreme Court overturningRoe v. Wade.

"I'll say this once again - it would be far more logical & effective to give all teenage boys a vasectomy, only reversed when they decide to have kids, than to curtail the right of women & girls - particularly those who have been raped - to decide whether or not to become mothers," Moran wrote on Tuesday.

Following the US Supreme Court's announcement last week, many pro-choice advocates called for men to get vasectomies rather than forcing women to give birth to an unwanted child.

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Many of the people who saw Moran's tweet responded negatively, questioning if it was fair to force a man to get a medical procedure done, proving Moran's point.

"But vasectomies aren't always reversible, so this would mean enforced sterilisation of a large percentage of the population?" Phil wrote.

"This is utterly wild, what are you talking about," another Twitter user chimed in.

"What about our body rights ? You’re a troll … right ?" A Twitter user wrote.

Each time somebody responded telling Moran she had a bad idea, someone else responded reminding them the entire point of Moran's tweet was to allow people to empathize.

Nevertheless, people continued to push back against Moran's idea and explain why it was rooted in bad history or the implications of a decision like that.

While those people continued to criticize Moran and call her point "unfair" or "wrong", Morgan tweeted clarifying that she was not genuinely suggesting the idea but rather said it as a way to get people to think.

Moran tweeted attached a video of Tory MP Danny Kruger who said in the Commons he disagrees that women have an "absolute right to bodily autonomy" leading to immense backlash on social media.

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