Comedian imagines what would happen if Colin and Cuthbert the caterpillars went to therapy

<p>What would Colin and Cuthbert say to each other? Munya Chawawa hazards a guess</p>

What would Colin and Cuthbert say to each other? Munya Chawawa hazards a guess

Munya Chawawa/Aldi/M&S

There’s one battle that continues to grip social media, and we don’t mean the European Super League.

Marks & Spencer has launched legal action to protect its Colin the Caterpillar cake against its rival: Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar.

The clash of the chocolate-coated titans has sparked a flurry of memes and debates, but one comedian has taken the fall-out one step further.

Munya Chawawa has imagined what a head-to-head between the two may look like if they were to visit a therapist.

He posted a clip on Sunday night, captioned: “Tried getting Colin and Cuthbert the Caterpillar to do some counselling... Total disaster.”

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The one-minute video begins with Chawawa (in the role of counsellor), welcoming the pair to “Caterpillar Counselling”.

He then reminds the two adversaries that “the purpose of this session is to fix the issue early” before prompting Colin to begin the discussion.

Asked “what seems to be the issue”, Colin replies: “Well look at him, he’s a fraud, he’s copied my design.”

Cuthbert then protests: “How have I, bro? I’m smooth, you’re ribbed. You look like a condom.”

Their dispute continues down this unsavory route before Chawawa interjects: Gentlemen, please.”

He then continues: “Colin, it does seem a little unfair that an entire posh organisation (M&S) is bullying one brown individual.”

“Hashtag Meghan Markle,” Cuthbert interrupts.

Turning to the Aldi alternative, the counsellor asks him to set out his side of the argument.

“Instead of talking with me, man went straight to the pigs,” Cuthbert responds. He then clarifies that he’s not referring to the police but to Percy Pigs – another M&S mainstay.

Colin replies by hitting out at Aldi’s “#FreeCuthbert” Twitter campaign, saying: “Yes well instead of talking to me you’ve been mocking me on social media, like a little smartie pants.”

“Because my pants are made of Smarties, bro,” his confectionary-covered nemesis retorts.

Chawawa then scolds them again, saying: “Gentlemen, I’ve never seen a set of more aggressive caterpillars.”

Cuthbert then responds: “Have you looked in the mirror, big man?” In what we can only assume is a dig at Chawawa’s impressively pronounced eyebrows.

The clip has been watched more than 70,000 times and racked up thousands of retweets since it was posted.

Who knows where the debacle will end but, as far as we’re concerned, there’s always room for both.

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