Woman sent colon disease test as ‘replacement item’ for out of stock Covid test

When a store is forced to replace an unavailable item with a substitute, they generally have to be quite similar. So when one TikTok user ordered a Covid test, she was shocked to discover a colon disease test on her doorstep as a replacement.

In a viral clip that has since racked up nearly a million views, Donna (@donnase5) said: “This what we ordered from Instacart and they switched it for a Similar item.. or not”.

The brief video showed what the TikToker intended to receive versus what actually arrived, and the only thing they seemed to have in common is, eh, health.

While Instacart’s replacement policy states online that shoppers can either find the best match, pick a specific replacement or opt for a refund instead, Donna insists she did not get notified about the unexpected item.

She later took to her comments to say that the American grocery delivery and pick-up service eventually refunded her.


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The viral clip sparked a debate among fellow TikTokers over the app’s replacement policy.

“Similar item needs to be stopped,” one user declared, while another person, who claimed to be an Instacart employee, alleged: “As someone who does in-store shopping for Instacart, we literally are pushed to give replacements and aren’t allowed to refund.”

Another ‘employee for Instacart’ candidly shared: “My manager sent a message last week saying ‘We rather give a bad replacement than a refund.’”

“Honestly, that’s probably what the app told them to replace with,” one said. “You wouldn’t believe the replacements they show the shoppers.”

Others found the ordeal hilarious and highlighted the silver lining. “At least they didn’t send pregnancy tests,” they joked.

“I got ovulation ones,” another humoured.

Indy100 has reached out to Instacart for comment.

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