Comedian’s brutal skit on government Christmas party scandal has us in stitches

Comedian Munya Chawawa has once again hit the nail on the head in a side-splitting new skit mocking the government’s alleged Christmas shindig. 

The minute-long parody of Wham’s Last Christmas shows a white-nosed “politician” bragging about raving with Boris Johnson and singing about how “the government loves a session”.

Titled A Christmas Tory, the video starts with Chawawa emerging from the front door of a nightclub-like Number 10 singing: “You spent last Christmas two metres apart, while me and Boris J were raving away.”

Cutting to the House of Commons lit up with disco lights, he continued: “This year, we’re seizing your gear, you know the government loves a session.”

The screen then faded to a recent news report showing that traces of cocaine had been found at a number of sites in Parliament. 

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Cutting back to the front door of 10 Downing Street, the comedian urges Allegra Stratton to dry her eyes, before adding: “You lied about the cheese but we were still catching wines.”

In the next scene set in a toilet cubicle, he gloated: “One rule for you and another for me.”

He then is seen once again throwing shapes outside Number 10 as a news ticker reads: “Boris the Liar: Boris throwing colleagues under the bus”. Of course, the time he chose for the ticker was 4:20pm.

While having a bop with a bottle of wine in hand, he sang that “Moggie” (Jacob Rees-Mogg) would be “bringing the beer” before saying “but don’t worry I’ve let the feds know”.

Chawawa’s video became an instant hit, garnering 390,000 views on Twitter and 1.6 million on Instagram.

Thousands praised the video, with Sky’s Rajvir Rai calling the comedian “the undisputed and undefeated champ of satire”:

Some are even calling for it to be this year’s Christmas number one:

This isn’t the first time the comedian has responded to the government’s missteps by creating a hilarious music video.

When the news broke about the then health secretary Matt Hancock being caught kissing his aide, he posted a parody of Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me.

But it’s not just politics that he covers.

We’ve previously written about how he poked fun at Salt Bae, took fire at racists on social media after the Euro 2020 final, and made a side-splitting sketch about the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage. 

Chawawa for prime minister.

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