Comedian Munya Chawawa hilariously parodies Salt Bae in viral video

Comedian Munya Chawawa is well known for his satirical takes on newsworthy stories, and this time he’s made people laugh by channelling viral sensation, Salt Bae.

(With glasses and all the theatrics included of course).

Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe – has made headlines recently over the expensive food and drink prices at his new London restaurant.

It all began when a customer shared his eye-watering bill from the establishment, Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, with the receipt showing a giant tomahawk steak priced at £630 and a single Red Bull costing £11.

Now, in the minute-long clip, Munya plays both the famous chef and a restaurant customer in a hilarious exchange as he parodies what the expensive experience might be like.

“God this place is so expensive,” the comedian says as a customer waiting to be served.

The customer then exclaims “Salt Bae!” as the camera pans to Munya sporting the classic Salt Bae get-up of the chef’s dark sunglasses and white top, with the amusing caption “rises in sodium.*”

Glancing at the menu, the customer then asks: “Could I get the purified Himalayan water?”

Suddenly he is interrupted with Salt Bae slamming a bottle of water on the table before the “erotic” unwrapping of the label.

“That’s just Evian...” the customer says but is startled once more when the parody Salt Bae proceeds to slap the water bottle “in sparkling.”

In classic Salt Bae style, the chef then opens the water bottle and dramatically lifts it up in the air to squirt the water down into the glass below - mimicking how Salt Bae got his nickname.

The on-screen caption comically reads: “*passionate squirting*” as he does this.

The customer stares back dumbfounded as the chef slams the water bottle on the table once more and takes a sip from the glass of water, sloshing it around in his mouth before proceeding to spit the water back in the glass and giving it to the customer.

Grabbing the glass, the customer is “gobsmacked in gargling” before ordering the “aged wagyu ham sandwich.”

Hilariously, Salt Bae takes out a supermarket packaged sandwich and begins spanking it - leading the customer to question why.

“Slicing in Sainsbury’s meal deal,” part of the sandwich hits the customer who says: “Now that is Assault Bae.”

The viral figure then scraps most of the sandwich away before dousing the little that remains in salt (living up to the name we see).

Even when the customer says that enough, the parody Salt Bae still “*pours in high blood pressure*” and then hands over the small salty creation to which the customer looks “*concerned in chloride.*”

After asking for the bill, Salt Bae begins to dramatically slice up the receipt before using the paper and remaining salt to do some “*salt-based spliff puffing.”

Once the customer reads the bill, he can’t quite believe the price, exclaiming: “£37,000?!” as Munya was clearly mocking the expensive prices at the chef’s London restaurant.

Of course, people have been praising Munya’s for his hilarious video and salt-based puns on social media.

We wonder what the real Salt Bae thinks about this...

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