Comedian mistakenly invited to speak at dental conference pitches ideas for her lectures

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A comedian mistakenly invited to speak at a dental conference has responded in style with some remarkable lecture ideas.

Paula Skaggs, an American writer and comedian, tweeted the following late last week:

I was mistakenly invited to speak at a conference for dentists (I am not a dentist), and now I can’t stop sending them proposals for my talk.

The correspondence received by Skaggs invited her to “consider this email as a personal invitation to you and kindly provide us with the title of your talk, short biography and photograph as a positive acknowledgement.”

Skaggs’ first effort was a thing of wonder.

Arts, Crafts, Teeth...and YOU!: Simple, Fun Art Projects to do with Discarded Teeth."

Are you sick and tired of throwing away perfectly good teeth after you take them from a patient's mouth?!

Join the freakin' club! In this fun, hands-on session, you'll learn unique, easy art projects that you can use those discarded teeth with - including handmade necklaces, macrame and even a terrarium for a child's room!

Come with clothes you don't might getting messy, a few bags of teeth, and a good attitude!

The next one had an Edwin Starr twist.

Teeth! What Are They Good for? (Absolutely Nothing), Think Again, Buddy!": An In-Depth Look into How Teeth Can Be Beneficial: Are you sick and tired of patients coming to you and saying, "Rip these teeth of mine out! What are they even used for anyway?"

And not having an answer? Join the club, friend! In this talk, we'll go over the many ways that teeth can actually be beneficial for the human experience - including eating, ripping open small plastic bags, and maybe more! Come with a notepad, pen, and a few bags of teeth.

Finally, the clincher.

Yes, AND...More Teeth Please!: How To Use Improv Comedy in the Dental Studio" Whoever said that Novocaine is the best medicine has clearly never seen the 1998 film "Patch Adams!" (Because it's actually laughter that's the best medicine!)

Next time a patient starts pleading for medicine during a routine dental surgery, why not put down the drugs and pick up...your imagination!

Using the skills of improv comedy, you'll soon be making your patients laugh so hard that pain killers will be a thing of the past.

Learn the fundamental of improv, including moving a chair around the stage, miming that you're digging a hole, and playing zip, zap, zop! Come with comfortable clothes and a few bags of teeth.

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