This comment piece on millennials is going viral for all the wrong reasons

This comment piece on millennials is going viral for all the wrong reasons

An article titled “Thin-skinned millennials" was never going to go down well, let’s be honest.

But the author probably wasn’t expecting quite such a response.

Sky News’s Sam Kiley writes, in what’s been touted as a brilliant insight into the minds of Britain’s ruling class, that Britons are “no longer made of the stuff that is written in granite on the memorials to two world wars on every single village in the country”.

Which doesn't even make sense, but you get what he's trying to say.

He argues that the British are now “too wet to work in agriculture” and “get a Pole” if they need a building built or work done.

He reminisces of the days when sexually abused private school boys knew, "or learned," to “get bashed then get up and play on”. Now, Kiley writes, thin-skinned millennials need a “good spanking”.

One of the article's standout sentences is:

These days, the public schools can no more produce the sort of chap capable of running a large chunk of Africa at 21

The outside world, he writes, is “made of sterner stuff”. He compares Brits to those in Mosul, Iraq and Syria, forgetting that we, thankfully, haven’t had to survive in such touch conditions. If Kiley came across robust evidence that we couldn’t cope under such circumstance, he fails to cite it.

His solution for “soggy wet Britain”? “National service.” Thanks, Kiley. No doubt the government will be calling on your expertise soon enough.

And of course people are absolutely baffled:

Some saw the bright side:

Others have some burning questions:

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