Woman says she would be 'happy to die for a day at the beach' in bizarre radio call about coronavirus lockdown

Woman says she would be 'happy to die for a day at the beach' in bizarre radio call about coronavirus lockdown

A woman, who called BBC Radio Solent in regards to the UK lockdown due to coronavirus, has been branded 'irresponsible' after she said that she would ignore the new rules.

On Monday night, Boris Johnson introduced strict new regulations designed to stop people from gathering in public places and keep people inside and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Some people are still unhappy about this approach and are willing to ignore it, especially 75-year-old 'Cris' who told host Pat Sissons that she doesn't care if she gets the virus or not.

The eye-opening conversation went as follows:

Cris: "Why are you so worried about this virus? I can’t believe it."

Pat: "Because if I get it, I'll pass it on to other people."

Cris: "Well, that's too bad, isn't it?"

Pat: "What do you mean, it's too bad?"

Cris: "I don’t care whether we have a lockdown or not I hope we don’t – but if you’re going to get it you’ll get it anyway."

Pat: "That is absolute nonsense, Cris."

Cris: "No it isn’t. People have been cooped up all winter and we have had the most glorious weekend weather for ages and you want to stop people from going out?"

Pat: "Where were you at the weekend?"

Cris: "I went shopping on Saturday, then I went to Stokes Bay to have a walk along the front and sat on the beach for a while because it was so beautiful, unfortunately, my husband couldn’t come with me because he is recovering from a stroke. Yesterday we went to the cemeteries in Fair Oak and Eastleigh to lay flowers on our mothers' grave and then we called in to see a friend."

Pat: "You called in to see a friend?"

Cris: "Yes, and she didn't mind at all."

Pat: "How old is your friend?"

Cris: "She is 78."

Pat: "You are irresponsible."

Cris: "No, I'm not. You are causing panic.'

Pat: "I am not causing panic, this is the government advice you are flouting."

Cris: "No the government of stupid and Boris Johnson is an idiot - I won’t even go there."

Pat: "Chris, I sincerely hope you are wrong. You went around all those places in the shops where we know people are not staying apart and then you went and saw your 78-year-old friend, you are irresponsible."

Cris: "No, the government is stupid. Boris Johnson is an idiot, so I won't even go down there."

Pat: "I sincerely hope that you are wrong but you are irresponsible."

Cris: "You are a frightened man and I can't understand why."

Pat: "Because I don't want to get it and I don't want to pass it on."

Cris: "Don't be silly. You'd survive it. What are you worried about?"

Pat: "But the person I might pass it to, might not. You're 78-year-old friend, might not."

Cris: "I'm 75. If we get it, we don't actually care. We've had our lives, so stuff it."

Pat: "So, you are happy to die for a day at the beach?"

Cris: "Yeah."

Pat: "Bye, Cris."

This conversation has since been shared on Twitter and been viewed more than 900,000 times and people are pretty shocked at what they have heard.

More than 8,000 people have tested positve for coronavirus in the UK, with 422 patients sadly dying. It should be said that of the 90,436 people that have been tested, 82,359 have tested negative.

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