People are sharing their most nostalgic teenage products and it’s very relatable
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Memories of school and our teenage years conjure up all sorts of feelings: nostalgia, regret, embarrassment.

Now, people are reliving the past through the products we used (and misused). With smells so often associated with memories, it isn’t that much of a stretch to say a perfume can make us feel like we’re 15 again.

After all, there was usually at least one product that endured our teenage years alongside us – whether we were piling on make-up before class, or spraying so much deodorant in the changing rooms that the fumes might have just single-handedly destroyed the ozone layer.

What prompted everyone to think back on their teen cosmetic habits was a tweet from writer Jo Lake, who asked users to share the toiletry or cosmetic products they “most associate with their teenage years”.

Hundreds of people responded, and the answers ranging from fragrances to extreme mascaras are a true blast from the past, forcing everyone to ask: “What were we thinking?”

Some reminisced on the perfumes that lingered in school halls.

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation was a popular culprit.

People loved some box hair dye.

In retrospect, some products struck a nerve.

It’s a painful trip down memory lane – and the toiletries aisle.

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