Couple find 'secret panic room' in their house that wasn't included in the listing

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A couple were amazed to find a concealed underground panic room in their new home - that wasn’t included on the property listing.

The house was built in 1978 in Logan, Utah and recently came into the possession of the couple.

What may look like a conventional living room was discovered to hold a massive secret as the couple discovered the secret room off it.

They explained that they found the room because the bookshelf positioned by the wall looked “off” and prompted them to try and move it.

To their amazement, they found that the bookshelf was actually a secret door to a panic room that they had no idea existed.

They posted about the room on Reddit’s Interesting As F**k forum where it’s drawn a lot of attention and questions.

In the post, they wrote: “Our new to us house has a secret panic room that wasn't included in the listing! Built in 1978 and i love this place!”

They posted images of the living room which showed where the bookshelf that doubles as a secret door was located.

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Also included was an image of the secret panic room taken with a night vision camera, giving it an incredibly eerie look.

Elsewhere on Reddit, a man was criticised for thinking his wife should do chores while pumping breast milk, while never-before-seen footage of the 9/11 attacks has gone viral.

The house poster explained in comments to people’s questions that the room is situated underneath the back porch.

They believe it must have been created when the house was first built and the original foundations were laid, though there was no mention of it on the listing.

It has its own electricity and air supply and contained food that was twenty years old when they discovered it.

Replying to the post, one person wrote: "Fun new home DIY project: search missing persons cases in the area and trying to determine which of them was tortured in your new home!"

Someone else said: "I’d probably check out that room with a luminol first , maybe a UV light as well (for other fluids) just for peace of mind."

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