Cinemagoer shares review of ‘unforgettable’ Cruella viewing after one woman ‘ends up Tasering another’

Cinemagoer shares review of ‘unforgettable’ Cruella viewing after one woman ‘ends up Tasering another’
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An unbelievable review of the movie Cruella has gone viral, but for reasons that are entirely unrelated to the actual movie.

A cinemagoer shared their experience of a viewing of the new film at a theatre in New York City that apparently descended into chaos.

Posted online by podcast host Gibson Johns, the review has been widely shared online for the sheer drama of what occurred – with it culminating in one woman allegedly using a Taser on a fellow cinemagoer.

The reviewer expertly explained the story – which predictably features strong language – writing: “Five ladies walked into the showing late and spent five minutes continually changing their seats and whispering loudly to each other.

“They finally got settled in, and then this kid started making noise. One of the women got up, walked over to the kid and told him to ‘please shut the f*** up’.

“The kid’s mom yelled at her and called her a ‘white trash b***’ and she yelled back and called her fat.”

The reviewer said a loud shouting match began between the mother and the lady inside the movie theatre while Cruella was still playing.

The ladies then took it outside the door, but they appeared to have grabbed attention as the reviewer noted half the people in the screening got up to watch their fight instead of the film.

Watching from his seat, the reviewer continued: “AND THEN I HEARD THE SOUND OF A TASER. THE MOM TASED THE OTHER LADY. TWICE.”

The mother then stormed back into the room, while still holding the Taser, to collect their child and rushed out “SO FAST”.

According to the onlooker, it wasn’t until about a minute later that the movie was finally paused and then the police turned up to take statements.

The audience was offered refunds, or entrance into another showing to watch the film again, but the reviewer said: “The movie was alright, but the experience was unforgettable. Living in NYC is so fun.”

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