CVS worker begs customers to stop printing nudes: 'I see them all'

CVS worker begs customers to stop printing nudes: 'I see them all'
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A CVS worker is pleading with customers to stop printing out their nudes in the store.

The worker, who goes by @roomtempwaterr on TikTok, appeared to film a video at work to drive this point home.

"Idk how many times I have to say this. Don't print your nudes at CVS. I do, in fact, see every single one," the on-screen text read.

And in the video's caption, she continued to beg the customers and wrote: "Pls, it's 9am Lauren, I can't do this."


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People took to the comments of her post to express their sympathies for her witnessing the explicit images but would still continue to do it. Some even got the idea to now do the same thing.

"I'm a still do it. I'm sorry," one wrote.

"Be right back going to go do this RIGHT NOW because my baby dad's new girl works there," another jokingly added.

Someone else, who claimed to work in picture departments and pharmacies, spoke about what they witnessed as well and wrote: "When I worked at Walgreens, women would come in to print their [nudes[ for their boyfriends in jail."

Other people took it upon themselves to offer alternative ways to avoid interaction with people while printing these photos.

"I used FreePrints, so I don't have to see the person printing them," a fourth wrote.

A fifth added: "I think there is a reason why Polaroid exists LOL."

Taking to video comments of her own post, @roomtempwater said that the pictures are seen If they submit orders online. If customers decide to print their photos in person, they're the only ones dealing with their images.

"If you print them in-store, I don't see, but if you do an online order, I am the one manually printing and packaging. If ya do it, do it yourself, lol," she wrote.

Indy100 reached out to @roomtempwaterr via TikTok comments and CVS via email.

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