Cyclist speaks after viral video showing him knocked off bike by a car

<p>John was pushed off his bike</p>

John was pushed off his bike

RTE Radio 1/Twitter

A cyclist who went viral after a video of him being knocked off a bike has broken his silence in an interview on an Irish radio show.

This came after shocking footage emerged of someone sticking his head out the window of a vehicle and appearing to intentionally push a cyclist off their bike.

The victim of the assault went on RTE Radio’s Liveline to speak about the incident, which happened in Sally Gap in Wicklow, an area of Ireland, telling host Joe Duffy about his ordeal.

He remarked that the incident could have left him paralysed. Luckily, he was given assistance by a man called Kevin, who lives nearby and was walking his dog, proving that not everyone in the area is cruel.

John told Duffy “I actually felt like I was going to be alright ... I decided I would go on a bit further and then my leg started giving out and I had to turn around and head home”.

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He remarked about how lucky he was to have received aid from Kevin.

Kevin, who was also speaking to the broadcaster, said John was “blessed where he went into the ditch because a lot of those ditches are full of granite boulders up around the Wicklow mountains as well. A very lucky man”.

Another cyclist spoke to Duffy about another hit and run that left him injured and relying on those passing by.

Ray Morrissey, who was struck in County Kildare, told the host: “At about ten past eight I was struck head-on with a car. I was coming around the bend on the left side and he was on the opposite side of the road, there was a slip road off to my left and instead of going round the bend he was going up the strip road and came straight across the road and hit me straight on.”

Both incidents are being investigated by local police.

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