'Dad of the year' catches foul ball while bottle-feeding baby

A man is being called "father of the year" after he caught a foul ball while bottle-feeding a baby at a baseball game.

The incredible feat, which was uploaded to the official Cincinnati Red's Twitter account, occurred on Tuesday night during a game between the Reds and San Diego Padres.

"Catching a foul ball while bottle-feeding the baby... just dad things," the video's caption read.

Within the video, the fan could be seen leaning forward out of his seat to catch the ball. Simultaneously, his other hand fed the baby with a milk bottle.

Following the catch, the people who sat next to the man began to give him their praises when they noticed he made the catch.

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Afterwards, the Reds commentator John Sadak commended the man for his accomplishment.

"Nice job, while feeding the baby, wow," Sadak said.

Naturally, people took to the video's comments to further applaud him for his multi-tasking abilities as "Father of the Year." At the same time, some think he deserves to have a shot at playing the game professionally.

Former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wrote, "2022 is still young, but I'm fairly sure this guy will make it on the year-end Father of the Year nominee list."

"Sign him up! You just know he's able to bat. Dude didn't flinch! Convinces me he can do anything!" another added.

A third wrote: "I'm so jealous of how much s*** that guy is going to get to talk at work tomorrow. Let them have it in the breakroom, brother. That's a helluva play."

Check out other reactions below.

According to a Kens5 report, the father was identified as Jacob Kingsley and said that he was section 119 behind the visitors' dugout with his wife, Jordan.

"Safety first, obviously. I saw the ball pop up. Had some fierce competition," he told Bally sports.

He also said that he wanted to protect his infant son first and that this "will be a great memory for him."

The Reds did end up losing the game to the Padres 9-6.

It's not just fathers who expertly caught balls at baseball games.

Lexy Whitmore, who is a mom, caught a baseball with one-handed from the stands while holding her three-month-old baby in the other at a San Diego Padres versus Chicago Cubsgame.

And another woman named Shannon Frendreis went to great lengths to swiftly remove her prosthetic leg to catch a ball at a game between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers.

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