grandmother in Ontario, Canada, was stunned after discovering a cactus toy that rapped, swore and spoke about cocaine ... all in Polish.

Ania Tanner, the grandmother in question, bought what she thought was an educational toy for her 15-month-old granddaughter and was left in shock by the words.

The cactus, which sings melodies in English, Spanish, and Polish, was sold on Walmart’s website as an educational toy for around $26.

Tanner, who happens to be Polish, claims that the cactus used profanity and sang about cocaine, drug abuse, suicide, depression.

“It just so happens that I am Polish and when I started to listen to the songs and I heard the words. I was in shock. I thought, what is this some kind of joke?” Tanner told CTV News Toronto. 

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The song is by Cypis, a Polish rapper who was apparently unaware that the Chinese manufacturer of the toy utilised his music.

“It’s about taking five grams of cocaine and being alone … It’s a very depressing song,” Tanner added.

This cactus toy was also available for purchase in Europe on Amazon.

In July 2021, other families had realised the issue with the lyrics and felt that it was inappropriate for a children’s toy.

The Polish musical noted that he plans to take legal action against the Chinese company for using his song without consent.

Tanner said she believes Walmart should not be selling the toy for children and is now seeking a refund.

Walmart has since removed the toy from the website.

“These items are sold by a third-party seller on our marketplace website. We are removing the items while we look into this complaint further,” the company told CTV News.

That put Tanner at ease, who said, “I just don’t want anybody before Christmas to think this is a great toy and go online and have the same thing happen, that happened to me.”

Indy100 reached out to Cypis and Amazon for comment.

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