Guy whose job was to walk backwards in front of the Queen has lost his job

Guy whose job was to walk backwards in front of the Queen has lost his job
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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley has lost his job as Lord Great Chamberlain.

Several titles and positions within the Royal Family and Crown ministers have changed as King Charles III ascends to the throne. One of which, being the Lord Great Chamberlain.

As Lord Great Chamberlain, Lord Cholmondeley oversees the custody and control of parts of the Palace of Westminster and plays a major role in administrative arrangements when the Sovereign is present.

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Wearing a scarlet and gold uniform, Lord Great Chamberlain has the right to help dress the monarch when present at administrative events, like coronations.

Famously, Crown ministers have walked backwards away from the Queen as not to turn their back to Her Majesty.

The role is passed down hereditarily, Lord Cholmondeley inherited the title of Lord Great Chamberlain in 1990 after the death of his father.

But now, he is out of a job as King Charles III takes over as head of the British monarchy.

The new Lord Great Chamberlain will be Rupert Carington, 7th Baron Carington.

Whether or not Carington will choose to walk backwards away from the Queen is a personal decision as it is not required. But it is part of tradition.

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